Handling Your Sandbag Services

Protect your property from harsh weather conditions with some erosion-controlled sandbags from LA County Sandbags. Throughout Torrance, California, we offer businesses and residents sandbag services and products. We understand the importance of keeping your property maintained, which is why we provide our convenient services to the community.

Sandbag Filling

Whether you need a large or small order filled, you can count on our fleet of trucks to provide same-day services. Palletized bags are available depending upon order quantities and customers' capability to unload the pallets.

We maintain a substantial supply of filled bags in our yard to meet immediate orders. With our large production capacity, we are able to quickly replenish stock. We strive to ensure our customers are always getting the bags they need, when they need them.

Empty Sandbags

Each empty bag is 14" by 26" and has a standard of 1,600 to 2,000 hours of UV protection from the deteriorating rays of the sun. Our standard colors are dark green and beige. The dark green is ideal for a bird's eye view. Other color options are available upon request.

Silt Fence

The standard silt fence is 3' by 100' of construction-grade material, which is commonly used in several industries. Installation services are provided in accordance with efficient management practices.