Customer Support

LA County Sandbags maintains a fleet of trucks to support your delivery needs. We augment our 10-wheel dump trucks, a fleet of transfer trucks, and trailers to support fast deliveries of large-quantity orders. We typically offer same-day delivery to ship out products at the convenience of our customers. Our drivers are able to assist customers with the dispersion of the bags or other products on the job site as may be required, assuming reasonable access is available.

Customer Satisfaction

Please send us an email with your suggestions on how our company can improve its performance to meet your needs.

About Our Company

LA County Sandbags is dedicated to differentiating our company by achieving unmatched levels of customer satisfaction. The reason that we set up the company in the first place was to fill what we perceived was a need for fast, efficient service within Los Angeles County. Since that time, LA County Sandbags has been called upon to expand coverage throughout California and the greater Los Angeles area, from Ventura and Palmdale towards the north to Beaumont and San Clemente areas in the south. We are driven to make LA County Sandbags the most customer-responsive supplier of erosion-control products and services in the greater Los Angeles area. We hire and train our production, delivery, and product-installation crews to ensure they understand the industry's best practices and are sensitive to customer requirements and needs.

Customer's Perspective

LA County Sandbags services begin with our office staff. Our highly-trained employees have a deep appreciation for our customers' needs for products and services. Everyone is trained to be courteous and professional when serving our customers. We receive customer orders from the telephone, email, and fax. Armed with a thorough knowledge of our products and services, we provide immediate pricing, scheduling for our jobs, and commitment to the delivery dates and times that are specified by our customers. The rates for the larger jobs require an on-site inspection and a site-plan analysis.

Operations & Supply

We assure our production operation is equipped to meet customer needs and that our inventory of products is sufficient to support customer orders. This includes being able to support surges in customer needs resulting from unplanned situations that may arise.